Stick’N Grip is a product made up of a PET support of varying thickness (for example 50 or 75 µm) with two coated sides.

The first side has an anti-slip coating (the Grip side) covered with spots made using an Endupack manufacturing process. The spots on this side provide the anti-slip effect. The advantage of these spots is their strong power to prevent slipping without damaging the palletised product above.

The second side is adhesive (the Stick side) and has a film of plastic to protect the glue.

To use Stick’N Grip, simply remove the protective film and put the adhesive side (the Stick side) of the product in contact with the surface to be made anti-slip.

Stick’N Grip can be used on all types of material: its adhesive is strong enough to bind to wood, cardboard, plastic and metal, among others. The strength of this adhesive can also be modified for special applications. The glue is not transferred to the surface and the anti-slip effect is not impaired over time. Stick’N Grip can be sold in the form of rolls (of variable width and length) or in the form of sheets in the shape required by the customer.

Packaging characteristics: :

Width 600 mm Width 200 mm Width 100 mm Width 19 mm
Length 50 metres Length 50 metres Length 10 metres Length 19 metres
20 rolls per pallet 1 roll per box 2 rolls per box 5 rolls per box



Examples of Stick’n Grip in action

Example 1: 

On a plastic pallet, cartons or boxes tend to slide, as from a low tilt angle (<10°). Stick’N Grip can be glued to the plastic pallet, in strips, in certain areas, or as a complete covering. The palletised loads above remain immobile up to a tilt angle of about 40° (the angle varying according to the type of surface in contact and the weight of the carton).

Capture d’écran 2017-01-30 à 15.33.51 One strip of Stick’N Grip is placed on the plastic pallet. Two cartons are placed side by side on the pallet. One is on the strip of Stick’N Grip, the other directly on the plastic pallet.
Capture d’écran 2017-01-30 à 15.33.58 The pallet is tilted to about 15° and slippage of the carton in direct contact with the plastic pallet can already be observed.
Capture d’écran 2017-01-30 à 15.34.10 Once slippage of the carton in direct contact with the pallet is complete, the pallet is raised to observe the behaviour of the carton placed on the strip of Stick’N Grip. At an angle of around 35°, it does not move and is retained on the plastic pallet.

Example 2: 

To reduce sliding of objects in a car or boat in motion, Stick’N Grip can be used to cover shelves and the dashboard, to prevent objects from slipping or falling.

Example 3: 

To prevent movement of a piece of furniture on a slippery floor surface (tiles, parquet…), Stick’N Grip can be used on the floor or on the furniture itself, to avoid this inconvenience.

This list of examples is not exhaustive. Stick’N Grip can be used in many different fields, both in industry and for the final consumer.