palettisation et protection palette emballage de protection antiglisse
Endupack has been present on the market for non-slip waterproof paper used for the protection of palletized loads since 1987.

Through our 35 exclusive distributors we provide strategic stocks situated as close as possible to our customers and their markets.

Our business is 100% dedicated to the protection of Palletized loads, which means that we are able to work every day on improving and widening our offer in anticipation of the developments in our markets


         GRIP SHEET

GRIP SHEET separator sheet  is used by numerous companies who care about the quality of their products and their pallets. GRIP SHEET will preserve the homogeneity of your pallets from the palletization area to the filming area.


Slip sheets were first implemented by large food processors in the 70’s. It has now expanded int most industries and every mode of transportation. The increased usage of slip sheets is explained byits many advantages, not neglecting lower cost vs. the most widely usage of wood pallets.

         GRIP PAD

When you need strength...
Standard Grip Sheet tie sheets are available in basic paper weights from 60g/m2 to 300g/m2. In some applications, this just isn’t enough. ENDUPACK offers the Grip Pad for the most demanding applications.


We performed trials last year which showed good results of load stability improvement on the pallet (we had a problem pls. see a picture below. We have started to use these antislip sheets in routine production from the beginning of this year. We put these sheets not only on the pallet bottom but and between layers what allowed us more safe/stable to stack boxes in column that to increase boxes strength during transportation (blocking movement of layers). There is not any rule how much sheets to use between layers it depends on box size etc, but for small boxes we put the sheet between each 3-4 layer. If to use the sheets between each layer probably would not be necessary stretch film (pls. see attachment).

Switch from corrugated sheet to antislip sheet let us improve load stability & quality and at the same time to reduce packaging waste (up to 70%) due light weight of the sheet.

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